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Alternative Concepts has been providing design services to the live entertainment industry for over 20 years.

Over this time we have honed our skills and expanded our abilities to do more than just lighting. Our expertise encompass lighting, media and set design. Please take a look through the website and learn what we can do.

What we do

Creating new visual experiences

Alternative Concepts strives to create new visual experiences for the audience. Whether your project is a corporate event, theatrical presentation, special event or nightclub, we have the expertise to bring it to the next level. With over 20 years of experience in lighting design and five years in video media, we produce cohesive and exciting visuals for your audience to enjoy -- your stage is our canvas. We love to “brainstorm” and our ability (and desire) to collaborate keeps us in touch with our clients’ needs throughout the production process.

Our talents encompass lighting, set and visual design or basically anything that appears to the audience. We can add elements to your existing production or build it from nothing with you. Whether you're ready for the full production or just concepts drawn and rendered to present to your clients, we can achieve your needs.

Please look at some of our projects in our gallery or our client list.



Please wander through the gallery.


Friends that believe in us.

Our clients are those who aren’t intimidated by trying something different. We find that “brainstorming” brings about the best in creativity and allows all parties to communicate openly. Here are some friends that believe in the same things we do:

The Aileron Group
Canadian Dance Company
CCR Solutions
Martha Hicks School of Ballet
Production Design Int'l
Quest A/V
RP Dynamics

Art Gallery of Hamilton
Bell Celebrity Gala
Limelight Nightclub
Lola Festival
Nissan Canada
Moneris Solutions
RealSports Bar & Grill
Sunlife Financial
System Soundbar
TD Bank
Toronto Design Exchange

Wander through our gallery to see some of our recent projects.

About Us

It's in our name...

Alternative Concepts means flexibility...
Alternative Concepts means new ideas, new approaches and new technologies. Whether your task is creating a unique look for your corporate or theatrical event or embarking on a nightclub or other entertainment venue, our goal is to help our clients realize their visions. Let our experience work with you to enhance your project.

David Hall –
Skype: david.hall.altcon
Phone: 416.418.3546

Please view our gallery to see some of our recent projects.
For a list of selected clients, please click here.